20A Straight Blade Whips

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20A Straight Blade PDU Whips

We offer a wide variety of custom UL listed PDU whips with straight blade 20 Amp receptacles for use in air conditioned data center floors. We use premium components like Hubbell receptacles, Anaconda Seal-Tite LFMC, with Crouse Hinds hardware.  Customizable options include wire gauge and conduit upgrades, 10 different conduit colors, mounting options, custom labeling, custom box colors and angled connectors.  Our 20A whips usually ship within 48 hours.  Contact us for larger quantities or to request a quote.

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20A Receptacle PDU Whips 

20 amp pdu whips

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Vendor Receptacle Amps Voltage  # of Wires Wire AWG Length  Part #
PDU Whips 5-20R x 2 20A 125V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-520R2
PDU Whips 5-20R x 4 20A 125V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-520R4
PDU Whips 6-20R x 2 20A 250V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-620R2
PDU Whips 6-20R x 4 20A 250V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-620R4


       Technical notes:  UL Listed – File # E360079 – Individually tested for voltage hi-potential, polarity, leakage, and continuity

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