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Power Distribution & Connectivity

Who is Iron Box?

Based in Raleigh, NC, Iron Box is a trusted provider of power cables for data centers throughout the world. We specialize in hard to find molded and customized cables for server rack and IT equipment. We strive to make ordering a snap by offering a robust and intuitive online order process, taking phone orders, or accepting PO’s through fax or email. Most orders ship same day or next day from our Raleigh, NC facility.

What Do We Do?

We stock and build a wide variety of raised floor power whips and IEC and NEMA cords, as well as international cables with harmonized ICC wire code jackets. We hold multiple UL certifications and maintain an order fulfillment accuracy rate of 99.8%. As a premier provider of custom power cabling solutions, Iron Box remains dedicated to providing the best quality service, fastest turn-around times, and best technical support in the industry.

Our hand built custom power cords are built in NC with industrial grade plugs and connectors mounted on premium SO cord. We also have custom molding capabilities with dozens of injection molding machines in our U.S. factory for faster turn-around orders, and in our far east factory for larger orders with heavy discounts. Put together, our wide range of stock cables, fast-turnaround UL listed custom cable manufacturing, and both small and large scale injection molding capabilities give us the widest variety of power cabling options available.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the customer comes first, no matter how small or how big the order. We always work alongside our customers to give technical assistance or advice on a custom inquiry, or to work closely to move a complicated project along smoothly. Whether you are looking for one power cord to power a single power supply, or if you need to outfit a large-scale data center we will give you the full attention you deserve.

How can we make your job easier?

We have implemented several intuitive features into our online website to make the purchasing process as quick and painless as possible, but if you need help, a quote, or would like to request a custom power cord, please call or email us. Let us save you the time, money, and resources it takes to build and stock your own power cables.

You can order online or give us a call at 1-800-590-8610

You can also reach us at [email protected]

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