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  PDU Whips w/ Russell Stoll Connectors

    Under-floor power cables with Russell Stoll outlet boxes  

    Click part # below to order or call 1-800-590-8610 – Usually ships within 24 hours   


   Russell Stoll Raised Floor Data Center Power Cables 

    Use our UL Listed power straight blade power cables to provide power distribution to data rack equipment with Russell Stoll power cord plugs.  We offer 10 colors of liquid tight metallic conduit, custom lengths up to 200 feet, and an array of options, including angled connectors, custom labeling, THHN AWG upgrades, and circuit breakers. If you need a bigger and more in depth quote please use this spreadsheet configuration tool, and email it to [email protected].

    Click to download our PDU Whip Excel Configurator – Other types include Russell Stoll, IEC 309, and NEMA Twist Lock

    15 amp pdu whips      

Vendor Receptacle Amps Voltage  # of Wires Wire AWG Length  Part # 
PDU Whips
RS 3913  x 1 20A 250V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3913W1
PDU Whips RS 3913U-1 x 1 20A 125V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3913U1W1
PDU Whips RS 3913U-2 x 1 15A 125V 3-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3913U2W1
PDU Whips RS 3914 x 1 15A 250V 4-Wire 12 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3914W1
PDU Whips RS 3933 x 1 30A 250V 3-Wire 10 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3933W1
PDU Whips RS 3934 x 1 30A 250V 4-Wire 10 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-3934W1
PDU Whips RS 9C54U2 x 1 50A 250V 4-Wire 8 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-9C54W1
PDU Whips RS JCF1034H x 1 100A 250V 4-Wire 2 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-JCF1W1
PDU Whips RS JCS1034H x 1 100A 250V 4-Wire 2 AWG THHN 5-200 Foot IBX-JCS1W1


       Technical notes:  UL Listed – File # E360079 – Individually tested for voltage hi-potential, polarity, leakage, and continuity

       Built to order in North Carolina using only high quality American made components 

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