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Lowest International Shipping Rates in the Industry stocks and builds thousands of types of international power cords and custom international power cables. We help customers all over the globe to shrink their costs with our ability to ship internationally at incredible rates.

Our global customers span Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, South America, and more. We’ve built relationships with top shipping vendors and perfected our processes in the most cost-effective way possible to make sure you get your cords at the fastest time and lowest cost — without sacrificing quality.

Lowest rates & fastest delivery times

We are confident that with our incredible shipping rates that we can offer the lowest rates and fastest delivery time on international shipping than any competitor in the market.

How can our rates be so low? is part of the Iron Box Power Distribution family. Iron Box, a leader in power connectivity and distribution solutions, has developed a shipping model that maximizes cost-efficiency and delivers the most value from our relationships with global shipping companies like FedEx.

We invite you to see how low rates for your next international order could be.

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