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Custom Power Cords

 UL Listed Custom Power Cords

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Iron Box, parent company of PDUWhips.com, builds custom power cables for data center equipment with fast turn-around times.  Whether you need a 14 inch C14 to C13 cord to help keep your rack clean and organized, a custom three phase splitter cable to keep your equipment running during a switch-over, or if your UPS extension cable isn't long enough, we can provide you with an appropriate solution.  Contact us to see how we can help you and your business save time, money, and headache with our quick-turn custom UL listed power cables.

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Custom Power Cords (NEMA and IEC 60320)

Custom Build Cords

Custom hand terminated IEC and NEMA power cables are available with NEMA straight blade / locking and IEC 60320 ends.  These power cables fall under UL standard 817 and are available as extension cords and plug adapters.  We use premium Flextreme wire that is rated for both indoor and outdoor use, along with components from Hubbell and Cooper/Eaton.  Custom hand terminated power cables usually ship same day if ordered by 12PM EST.  Visit our custom power cords page for more information or to request a quote.


Custom Molded Power Cords

Custom Molded Cords

Iron Box offers unprecedented capabilities when it comes to molding IEC and NEMA power cables.  We operate dozens of injection molding machines between our North America and Asian facilities, and hold all of the appropriate UL certifications.  Quick-turn molded custom cables 100% Made In America can be shipped within 5-7 business days.  We also offer a massive selection of custom molded cable styles through our Asian factory for delivery by air (3 weeks) or by sea (8-10 weeks) with unbeatable pricing.  Check our custom molded cord section for more details.


Custom Pendant Power Cables

Custom Pendant Cords

Pendant power cables feature a NEMA straight blade or locking plug and various combinations for straight blade and locking receptacle types.  Boxes available are standard metallic bell box or yellow rubber coated watertight. style.  We use heavy-duty SJOOW or SOOW portable cord and can build to your exact specifications.  Our pendant power cables are built quickly and generally ship within 1 day.  Visit our custom pendant cable information page to contact us direct for pricing, technical questions, or to find out other available options like mesh wire grips or corrosion resistant ends. 


Custom Splitter Cords

Custom Splitter Power Cords


We can build a wide variety of splitter power cords to fit just about any application.  Whether you are are in a jam and need some 3-phase to single phase splitter cords because you have a switch-over in your data center, or if you have limited availability of receptacles on your server rack PDU, we likely have a splitter cord solution for you.  Contact us direct with technical questions or to request a quote, or visit our custom splitter power cord page to check our wide variety of configurations available.  


Custom IEC 60309 Power Cords

Custom IEC 309 Cords

Custom IE 60309 or just IEC 309 power cables can be ordered with both IP44 and IP67 rated pin and sleeve devices from Hubbell, Mennekes, Cooper, and PCE. Our IEC 309 pin and sleeve power cables are offered as extension cables, plug adapters, or in splitter configurations. Most cables in 100 piece or less quantities will ship within 2 days.  Smaller orders may ship same day if ordered by 12PM EST.  Visit our custom IEC 60309 power cord page or contact us direct for lead time and pricing, or if you have technical questions. 


Custom Ceiling Drop Power Cables

Custom Drop Cords

Ceiling drop cables use NEMA straight blade and locking style receptacles and can be ordered in a wide variety of configurations and options.  Options include single gang or dual gang boxes, wire mesh grips, Isolated ground receptacles, waterproof or standard boxes, and we can cut your ceiling side of the cable to whatever outer jacket and inner conductor specifications you choose.  Most ceiling drop electrical cables ship wthin 24 hours.  Contact us if you need pricing or if you have technical questions.  Here is the link to our custom ceiling drop configuration form: custom ceiling drop cables.


Custom OEM / Hardwire Power Cords

Custom OEM Cords

Iron Box is a leading manufacturer of cables for OEM's and other hardwire device applications.  Our UL listed hardwire OEM power cables feature molded or hand terminated mechanical plugs and we can build with any type of compatible electrical cable that your project requires.  These cables can be built with blunt cut or customized ROJ stripped ends, along with a host of options for crimps, including ground lugs, spade/fork terminals, and quick-disconnects.  We use an ultrasonic welder for our OEM cables so you can be sure that your connections will stay secure throughout the life of the device.  Visit our custom OEM power cable page for more info.


Custom Watertight / Marine Power Cords

Custom Watertight Cords

Custom waterproof / marine / outdoor rated power cords are available with Hubbell or Cooper brand wiring devices in black or yellow wetguard style ends or with Hubbell Safety Shroud Twist-Lock plugs and connectors.  Cable is SJOOW for connections rated for up to 300V and SOOW for connections rated for up to 600V.  We only use TF Flextreme heavy-duty bulk cable in our custom watertight assemblies.  Watertight cables can be turned around very fast, usually same day.  If interested in a quote or if you have technical questions please visit our custom watertight power cable page.



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