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International Data Center Power Cords

International Data Center Power Cords

International Data Center Power Cords

Iron Box stocks and builds several varieties of international data center power cords for almost every country on earth. We use cable with ICC international color code wiring and have plug to equipment combinations for server and computer equipment in just about any data center. Contact us directly for special requests or a quote.

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IEC Jumper Power Cords (Hybrid / ICC)

IEC Jumper Power Cords

Server rack jumper cords are available with hybrid jackets which carry a universal rating. This means that the cables can be used in the North American SJT wiring system or in the international harmonized wire code system.  Our hybrid cables are offered in the following IEC 320 types:  C14/C13, C14/C15, C14/C19, C20/C13, and C20/C19, and are available in up to 12 colors, with locking IEC connectors, and in 10A or 16A amperage ratings.  In Europe, particularly in the UK, these IEC jumper power cords are sometimes referred to as mains cables or mains leads. These are suitable for connecting computer and network equipment in a data rack to a power distribution unit.



Schuko / CEE7 Power Cords

schuko to c13 power cables

Iron Box stocks standard lengths of Schuko / CEE7 power cords for use in Germany and other countries that use the Continental Europe electrical system.  In stock Schuko cables include Schuko male to female extensions cords, and server cables to C13 and C19 connector ends.  We also build a large variety of Schuko custom cables with fast turn-around times, include splitter cords, plug adapters, and molded Schuko cords with up to 12 different jacket colors. You can order online using our Schuko Power Cord category section, or call/email for an RFQ, to submit a purchase order, or if you have technical questions.



BS1363 UK Power Cords

bs1363 to c13

BS1363 is the most common type of plug used in the U.K.  It has a built in fuse and a distinctive blade formation with one large vertical blade and two smaller horizontal blades. BS1363 cords are available as extension cables, splitters, or to C13 and C19.  They are used to connect devices such as servers and switches in a data center rack enclosure.  Custom cables with fast turn-around are also available.  Visit our BS1363 Power Cord page to order or check out our custom international power cord page to request a custom BS1363 power cable.



International Cords for South America, Europe, Africa, Asia

green c14 / c15 power cord

Iron Box stocks data center power cords for most countries worldwide.  This includes power cable plug types for use in countries from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America. Cables are available with the host nation standard plug to various female connector ends, including C5, C7, C13, C15, and C19, as well as extension cables and splitter cords.  ICC harmonized wire code cable jackets are used in most international cords.  Quick-turn custom cables usually ship within 24 hours.  Visit our International Power Cord page or our Custom International Power Cord page to request a custom configuration.



IEC 60309 Power Cords (Pin and Sleeve)

gray data center power cord

IEC 60309 or just IEC 309 power cords are often referred to as "Pin and Sleeve" and are available in standard or watertight locking plug/connector types.  Cables use harmonized ICC rated jackets and are available to be built with Hubbell, Mennekes, Cooper or PCE in both IP44, IP67, and IP69 rated wiring devices.  Cords include 16A and 32A plugs to C13 or C19 connectors, extension cords, splitters, and in custom configurations and lengths.  Click to view our stock IEC 309 power cord offerings, or visit our custom IEC 60309 page to request a quote or cable built to your specifications.



Custom International Power Cords

c20 to c13

We offer a wide selection of customized power cables with ICC international color code jackets, including IEC 60320 and IEC 60309 jumper, extension, splitter, and plug adapter power cords.  We only use the highest quality devices from PCE, Hubbell, Mennekes and premium grade european electrical wire from TF.  Our international rated cables feature harmonized wire jackets in configurations from 16A to 100A.  Most custom harmonized power cords ship within 24 hours.  Visit our Custom International Power Cables page to request a quote or email us at sales@pduwhips.com.


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