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Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: Reconstructing the Texas Data Center Industry - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

 On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought heavy rain and high winds to Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast devastating the data center industry. Now that the storm has passed, Texas and the data center industry are rebuilding, reconstructing, and rejuvenating with PDUWhips.com 

Reconstructing the Data Center Industry in Texas

Considered to be one of the costliest hurricanes and natural disasters in United States history, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast and drowned entire cities. Houston, the hardest hit major city, endured the most damage due to torrential flooding within its large populous area. Texas Governor Greg Abbot recently stated in a Forbes Magazine article that the estimated damage in Houston and other cities is between $150 and $180 billion dollars; a tremendous cost that includes commercial structures, business structures, and a large number of data centers that call Houston and Texas home.

With estimated reconstruction costs in excess of $190 million, Harvey will surpass Hurricane Katrina, from which New Orleans and the surrounding areas are still recovering 12 years later.

As Texas begins to rebuild itself, reconstruction will need to occur on both the affected and unaffected data centers, which in turn will benefit the local economy. Data centers in large conglomerate cities like Houston, which is home to CyprusOne and Quasar data centers, and San Antonio, home to data centers for LinkedIn and Microsoft, will require improvements to help sustain and progress the damaged areas’ economies. So, while many data centers are still recuperating from this historic storm, there will be a strong call to action to bring them back to their original state, if not better than before.

During the storm, many data centers flooded and their electrical infrastructures were damaged.  Due to the flooding, all their power cables and cords that control the data centers need to be replaced to ensure safe distribution of electricity. In response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, PDUWhips.com, a division of Iron Box Power Distribution, is offering 15% off all power cords through September 30, 2017 to aid victims, communities, and data centers. To redeem, use the coupon code "POWERRELIEF" or call directly to our support team for any additional support. 

While PDUWhips.com is supporting the restoration efforts of the data center industry in Texas, our sister company, LockingPowerCords.com, is assisting the residential and commercial markets by providing custom power cords for generators to run electricity to homes and businesses.

Iron Box Power Distribution, an international leader of power cord supplies, is a dedicated philanthropic donor, giving to charities and communities affected by natural disasters. The company recently donated $500 to the American Red Cross, both to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and to aid future humanitarian efforts including Hurricane Irma relief.

If you are an individual, a community, or a data center affected by Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma and need power supply support, please contact our Raleigh, North Carolina headquarters at 1-800-590-8610.

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The Paris Accord: Iron Box Helps Tech Companies Commit to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with PDU Whips for Cloud Servers - Monday, June 19, 2017

Iron Box provides premium quality data center PDU power cords to support national and international companies’ commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The Paris Agreement’s Effect on Data Centers

Several influential world leaders convened together in Paris to discuss on the increasing climate change affecting the planet. During the summit back in 2015, these world leaders advocated for countries to reduce the number of carbon emissions that impact global warming. Upon conclusion of the meeting, the majority of leaders agreed upon a commitment to reduce the world’s climate through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20-30%, creating the Paris Agreement, also called the Paris Accord.

In the tech world, companies all over the globe have adopted policies to work towards reduced emissions and improved sustainability for the environment. Green data centers have become more than just a trend and, with cloud services creating a shift in the data center industry, aspects like high quality power cords and proper cable management are more relevant than ever.

Power Consumption of Local Servers Contributing to Global Warming

In today’s business, a company requires a substantial amount of data and storage, which requires record-breaking levels of electricity usage. The data being stored and processed contains information pertaining to the company’s product, customers, and sensitive information. However, as the company grows, so do the number of servers needed to contain this data locally.

When storing data on a local server, the server needs a significant amount of electricity to stay functional and keep all the information without erasing its memory or experiencing expensive downtime.

This constant requirement causes an effect on the earth, because fossil fuels are still a substantial contributor to creating electricity.

Fossil fuel power plants require carbon fuels like coal, oil, or gas to mobilize the large turbines that produce electricity. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, “In 2016, about 4.08 trillion kilowatts per hours (kWh) of electricity were generated… about 65% of this electricity generation was from fossil fuels.”

Furthermore, storing data on a local server can often be obsolete and outdated. Not to mention, comatose servers are known for being huge energy wasters (and money wasters, according to Data Center Knowledge -- $30 billion, to be exact!).

The American Bar Association shared findings from a McKinsey study, which found that, “on average, server utilization is only 6%. This means that 94% of the time servers are sitting idle—all while they continue to draw significant amounts of power.”

So, there needs to be a better, more sustainable resource that will effectively support companies, but reduce the electricity usage and demand. Cloud technology meets all of these expectations.

What is Cloud Technology?

When it comes to technology, less is more; a statement that is true with cloud technology. Cloud technology is a system of servers connected remotely through the internet or “cloud,” giving users the ability to upload, save, share, and retrieve data from a central location without having to be physically be connected to the central location.

Standard central data centers require a structured set of servers to function. This set of servers can range depending on the amount of information collected or space needed. The information is stored on the servers through a hard connection and accessible throughout the network; however, only connected devices are allowed to access the information.

In a cloud server setting, files are stored remotely and can be retrieved anywhere, as long as the device is connected.

“Cloud computing can be regarded as both an infrastructure and business model, where software and data, rather than being stored locally on your own servers and computers, are delivered to you in real time via the Internet.” – American Bar Association

With less infrastructure requirements, cloud services are helpful in sharing documents, videos, and files between two or more computers. Cloud technology enables green data centers and service providers to reach their potential to service their clients without jeopardizing the environment.

Cloud Technology Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Data centers are a major proprietor in the landscape of the world environment. In 2013, data centers were using 91 billion kilowatts per hour (kWh) of electricity. This number is estimated to increase to 139 billion kWh by the year 2020.

While that is significant, what’s even more shocking is that data centers consume about 3% of the world’s global electricity, but contribute over 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the world’s atmosphere. Therefore, since the enactment of the Paris Agreement and even before, technology companies have been increasing their efforts to converting to green data centers with cloud server operations.

When utilizing a cloud, companies operate fewer servers and less electricity, thus reducing greenhouse emissions. In a recent study conducted in London on large IT companies in France and UK, it was determined that, “they could achieve large cost savings and carbon reductions by 2020 if they moved their IT systems to shared data networks.”

By operating cloud services and shared data networks, corporations would require less equipment and servers, while still sustaining productivity and efficiency to run at a successful rate. This downsizing of network equipment and servers reduces the company’s carbon footprint on the environment.

Iron Box Provides Energy-efficient RoHS Compliant PDU Cables Worldwide

Operating a cloud server still requires companies to have government compliant products to power their data centers and connect systems together. Iron Box provides energy-efficient, RoHS and UL compliant PDU whips to data centers all around the world. These power cables will bridge the electrical distribution between the servers, hence allowing companies to operate their cloud-based green data centers more effectively and efficiently.

PDUWhips.com: A Division of a National Leader in Reliable Green Data Center Power Cables

For the over 10 years, Iron Box, a national and global leader in data center power cables, has provided green data center companies with professional quality PDU connections to help connect to their servers to cloud operations.

Iron Box honors the moral and ethical duty to commit to what so many others have: a greener world and brighter future. The Paris Accord brings up the perfect time to reinstate the dedication to our sustainability practices, and passion for our green cable manufacturing and distribution methods.

PDUWhips.com and the divisions of Iron Box are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and reflecting this in the products that we hand-craft in the USA, as well as remaining conscious of materials we source.

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How Iron Box Helped a Multinational Tech Company Lower Costs and Speed Time-to-market on 16 Cloud Data Centers - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Global PDU power cable manufacturer and connectivity solutions provider, Iron Box (PDUWhips.com), worked with one of the largest multinational technology companies to outfit 16 new cloud data centers, reducing time-to-market and cutting costs.

Lower Cost for 16 Data Centers by PDUWhips.com


Anyone can say they’re the best place to buy power cables or that they have the best customer service. PDUWhips.com did more than talked the talk, and walked the walk on a recent cloud data center project to provide thousands of PDU cables for 16 data centers, built by one of the top tech companies.

The well-known tech company came to Iron Box through PDUWhips.com, frustrated by previous supplier relationships and fed up with high power cable costs. With plans to build multiple cloud data centers, the tech conglomerate found a partner in Iron Box. Not only did the company achieve its goal of cutting data center costs, it also completed construction sooner than anticipated, enabling the company to offer its cloud services to customers faster.

The new data center construction project relied on Iron Box to develop a custom power cabling configuration that met the tech giant’s specific requirements.


By working with Iron Box on outfitting the 16 new cloud data centers, the tech company experienced multiple benefits, including:

  • Lower data center costs
  • Faster time-to-market and more uptime
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved vendor-supplier communication
  • Better technical support and customer service

Lower Data Center Costs Through Alternative Solutions

In the power cord industry, there is a standard process when seeking quotes for high volume cabling orders. Iron Box broke out of the status quo by going beyond the tech company’s original expectations of a power cable manufacturer and power solutions provider.

Iron Box leveraged its industry relationships with materials manufacturers and suppliers to lock-in high-quality components at extremely cost-effective rates. By utilizing every resource available, Iron Box secured the lowest possible price for the tech company and provided an alternative to the existing typical power cord solutions available.

“The tech company was looking for a partner to help bring costs down,” explains Chris Knout, President of Iron Box and PDUWhips.com. “We were able to offer our power cables at the same quality as others on the market, but less expensive. That brought down the cost significantly, and we exceeded the tech firm’s expectations for remaining cost-effective.”

Open Communication, from Manufacturing to Installation

Iron Box’s mission was to be there every step of the way to achieve the project goals and ensure smooth fulfillment. A dedicated team of data center power cable experts was designated to work with the tech company on a daily basis from the initial quote request to installing and maintaining the PDU power cords. The Iron Box team provided day-to-day updates on lead times, testing results, technical details and product spec sheets throughout the fulfillment process.

Samples and spec sheets were created and submitted to the tech company’s engineering team to vet and choose the preferred solution. After a rigorous testing process and continuous communication on specifications and technical details, the tech company determined that Iron Box’s custom-made PDU power cables were the right solution for the job.

Manufacturing the Made in USA Power Cables

The high-quality assemblies, cables, and connectors were crafted in the U.S.A. at Iron Box’s headquarters. The power cables had to be high quality to support the demand of 16 large volume cloud data centers requirements. At the same time, one of the key challenges involved lowering costs, without sacrificing quality or prolonging lead time. The custom PDU cables that Iron Box developed not only maintained quality standards, but the swift order fulfillment and superior level of customer service resulted in faster lead times and reduced costs.

Faster Time-to-completion For Less Downtime

Another success of the project was in the time-to-completion. In addition to being conscious of the tech company’s need to keep costs low, Iron Box fulfilled the large volume power cable order for the 16 new data centers in a timely fashion. By getting the data centers up online earlier than anticipated, the tech company also benefited from a reduced downtime and was able to provide its customers with its cloud data center services sooner.

The Impact of Power Cables in the Data Centers

Power cords and cable management is a critical component to any data center. For the 16 new data centers being built by the tech giant, having the right PDU power cables impacted data center costs, cooling and airflow, server rack configuration, and more.

The data centers were being constructed to meet the demand of the tech company’s cloud customers. The requirements are much more pressing, as the data center must be able to efficiently accommodate a significant amount of data and processing power. It was imperative to use the right power cables to keep power feeds organized and easily identifiable, lower power costs with fitted cord lengths, and maintain quality standards for maximum uptime.

Cables Used to Power the Cloud

Thousands of custom-made Iron Box cables are being used in the data centers to power the cloud. The next time you upload that baby picture, selfie, or meme to the cloud, there’s a good chance that one of the sixteen data centers that use Iron Box’s cords could be making that possible.

Through PDUWhips.com, the multinational technology giant gained a valuable partner in Iron Box. Iron Box’s power cabling experts took a proactive approach to develop a custom PDU power cord configuration to fit every specification and meet every demand of the 16 hyper-scale cloud data centers.

The global data center manufacturer supplied a cost-effective solution with fast lead times and engaging customer service to ensure a smooth process from RFQ to installation. Fast turn-around time meant getting the network equipment online sooner, ultimately speeding time-to-market for the company’s cloud services.

After successful installation, Iron Box continues to be a knowledgeable resource for the engineering, IT, and data center management teams on the maintenance and best practices for managing the custom cables.

Iron Box: A Reliable, Trusted Data Center Power Cable Provider

For 10 years – with power cord professionals with decades of experience – Iron Box has been providing cable and connectivity solutions for data centers around the world. Iron Box works directly with new data center construction projects, high-volume custom cabling, and one-off cable orders.

To learn more about Iron Box, please visit www.PDUWhips.com.

Like what you read? Download the PDF version of the success story!

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March Mania Special - Get $20 Off During March Madness - Wednesday, March 8, 2017
  PDUWhips.com | Order PDU Whips Online

March Mania Special - Get $20 Off During March Madness

PDUWhips.com | An Iron Box Power Distribution company

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$20 Off Power Cables During March Madness
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Does your blood run blue? Is your house decked out with wildcat gear? March Madness is a big deal here in the Southeast. Team colors are worn proudly (better not wear the wrong shade of blue!) and not taken lightly.

Now's the time for the most dedicated team fans to grab their favorite color of IEC and NEMA power cords to outfit the data center.

In the data center, our selection of 12 cord colors for colored power cords and PDU cables can help you signify the different power chains, identify redudant power feeds, and make your life easier with effective cable management.

Get $20 Off your next order over $100 with code CABLEMADNESS, now through March Madness! Offer ends April 3.

Shop PDU Whips and Power Cords Online

Have a question or need assistance with your order? Let's talk.
Give us a call at 1-800-590-8610.


Do you need to place a bigger order? That’s no problem. Call our sales department for high volume orders for electricians, OEMs and contractors. See what we can do to help you with your order.

Try the Tool

Like March Madness, the sale is only around for a limited time. Purchase your in-stock power cords or use our custom PDU Power Cable Configurator Tool to customize the whips you need, today.


PDUWhips.com specializes in custom PDU whips for your data center -- including IEC and NEMA straight blade, pin and sleeve, and locking whips.

We have a large selection of IEC and NEMA power cords and plug adapters to go between your IT equipment and PDU or UPS, custom power cables for outside the server rack, and PDU whips for below the rack in raised data center floors. Whether you need just one power cord or bulk quantities of PDU whips, we can provide what you are looking for with fast turn-around time.

Remember, our PDU whips and power cords are manufactured right here in the U.S. using the highest quality components, and always UL listed.


Sale ends 4/3/2017 at 11:59pm US EST. OFFER VALID ONLY FOR USE ON PDUWHIPS.COM. Coupon code must be entered at checkout for discount to apply. Valid on in-stock power cords, PDU cables, and plug adapters. Excludes custom orders or orders under the subtotal of $100.00.

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The State of the Data Center Power Market - Thursday, February 16, 2017

The State of the Data Center Power Market

An overview of the latest research reports and market projections for a complete picture of the state of the data center power market.

At the start of 2017, many market reports were released regarding data centers, power management, and other edge markets. We navigated the slew of reports and articles, and consolidated the key findings to bring you up to speed on the state of the data center market and power-related segments. Plus, how to apply these findings to your power distribution and cable management strategies, to maintain a future-proof data center environment.

Summary of Latest Data Center Market Reports & Trends

There's a lot of noise in the market with articles like, "5 Top Data Center Trends for 2017," or "10 Data Center Predictions for 2017." Sometimes, it can be refreshing to cut the clickbait and go right to the facts. So forget the clickbait, let's get real. PDUWhips.com provides a quick reference for staying up-to-speed on the latest data center power outlook from the new 2017 reports.

The Data Center Power Market In 5 Years

The data center market is expanding and power requirements are maxing out, putting concern for keeping data center operation costs low at top of mind.

As of 2016, the data center power market rings in at a sweet $15 Billion, globally*. By 2020, the power market for data centers is expected to rise above $29 Billion.[1] Growth in the data center arena shouldn’t come as a shock, but the rate at which it’s growing isn’t something to wave a finger at.

Most of the reports focused on a four to five year range, forecasting the projections around the year 2020. The new reports revealed the following about the data center power ecosystem in 2020:

  • Data centers will consume 140 billion Kw/H of electricity per year.
  • The global data center power market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6%.
  • The Americas lead the world as the fastest-growing data center power market, with an expected revenue of $12 Billion.
  • The U.S. pans out as the top revenue-generator in the global data center power market.
  • The UPS segment wins the blue ribbon for fastest growing segment in the data center power market.
  • By 2024, the combined heat and power (CHP) system in data centers will grow by 10 BPS.
  • The CHP segment has a valuation of almost $150 Million -- with projections by one analyst at $277 Million -- expanding at a CAGR of 3.4% by 2024.
  • Despite a forecast of moderate growth, U.S. data center CHP systems will boast the highest value share, worldwide.
  • The global data center rack PDU market will see growth at a CAGR of 10.14%.

*Another report cited the data center power market at $13.54 Billion (2016), with a projection of $21.73 Billion by 2021 and CAGR of 9.92%.[2]

Behind The Growth: 2017 Trends & Driving Factors

What’s fueling all this growth?

In general, increased demand for connectivity and accessibility from end-users are fueled by market trends that include the rapid adoption of cloud environments, the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), and other popular applications, like Big Data and automation.

A rundown of the top growth-generating factors:

Greater power requirements. Trends like IoT, cloud, and even AI are pushing the limits of data center power. Data centers must operate with higher power density, and it’s predicted that power will be bought by the Kw/H.

FYI: Last year, data center providers leased cloud operators a record level of capacity, leasing as much as 35MW![3]

A paradigm shift to the cloud. Data center growth is largely thanks to the move to the cloud. The traditional data center is giving way for the cloud. Cloud data centers are a hot topic in the data center world right now, and that’s not likely to change in the near future.

FYI: More than ⅔ of the world’s workloads will be on cloud data centers, compared to the 6% that we currently see running in the cloud, today.[4]

Focus on data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Integrating DCIM is a top concern for data center operators. This is driven by application trends like IoT and Big Data, which involves real-time data collection by remote software and sensors.

Laws and tax incentives. Legislation like the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, Energy Policy Act of 1992, and Clean Air Act, sweeten the deal for global providers by legalizing the sale of electricity and incentivizing greenhouse gas emission reduction (Did someone say, “green data center?”).

Environmental and energy factors. The trend of green data centers and lowering energy costs of natural gas are significant drivers of future growth.

Rising trend of DC power distribution in the data center. Though still in its infancy, the use of DC power, versus AC power, in the data center is emerging.

Data center construction, relocation, and collocation facility boom. New data centers are popping up, and existing data centers are being revamped and retrofitted for the rapid power demands of the end-user.

FYI: Newly installed CHP systems in data centers dominate with more than 81% share and gain of 130 BPS, while retrofitted data center growth will remain at a slower pace due to the challenges and costs that are associated.[5]

Multi-segment growth predictions. In regards to CHP systems, the institutional segment, which includes universities/colleges, show signs of being high-growth and high-value. Colos, server farms, ISPs, and other segments will also experience significant growth in the data center CHP system market.

Acting on the Numbers

Now that you have a good handle on data center trends and projections, the question becomes…

Q. How do you meet the demands of power usage is going up, while PUE needs to stay low, data center architecture must flatten, and costs need to stay in check?
A. Smart data center power and cable management.

Proper power distribution and cable management is a critical component to the optimization of your data center operations (and costs!). The right PDU cables and power cords within your data center mean an efficient route from the UPS, to the PDU, to the server rack, to network equipment. The more efficient the data center design and layout, the shorter distance electricity must travel from the source to the output.

The higher the quality is of the cords, the less likely you are to experience an outage due to equipment malfunction or failure. The locking component in your PDU power cables also assures 100% uptime, invisible from any accidental bumps during maintenance or loosened connections from vibration.

The Role of Power Cable Management in Today’s Data Center

Could something as small as the everyday extension cord trigger a technological apocalypse? Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but we can say that if a power cord in your data center were to loosen or become disconnected, all hell would break loose. (Might as well be the apocalypse at that point, right?)

Power management in the data center is one of the many concerns within data center operations, and with valid reason -- it affects the cost and performance of your data center. Often overlooked, the power cords and PDU cables that supply power to the server racks from the utility grid can have a big impact on data center operations, as well. Although small in size, these components can lead to large reductions in energy costs, downtime, and more. Low quality power cords and poor cable management can lead to higher data center costs, potential downtime, and major IT inefficiencies.

The PDUWhips.com team at Iron Box are passionate about data center power distribution, power management, and data center operations. Many Fortune 500 companies have relied on Iron Box for years, because we will climb the heights of Mount Doom for our customers. Let us help your data center keep pace with the latest growth trends. See our selection of in-stock power cords, or request a quote for custom PDU power cables.

The Reports

Here is a list of the more significant of the slew of reports that were released, along with the key take-away from each:

Report Title Top Headline
Data Center Power Market by Solution (Power Distribution & Measurement, Power Backup, Cabling Infrastructure), Service (System Integration, Training & Consulting, Support & Maintenance), End-User Type, Vertical, and Region - Global Forecast to 2021 Data Center Power Market Worth 21.73 Billion USD by 2021
U.S. Market Study on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System for Data Center: Commercial End Use Segment Expected to Witness Steady Growth from 2017 to 2024 U.S. Market for Combined Heat and Power System for Data Center to Reach US$ 277.3 Mn by 2024
Global Data Center Power Market 2016-2020 Data Center Power Market Growing at a CAGR of 14.59% During 2016 to 2020
Global Data Center Rack Power Distribution Unit Market 2016-2020 Data Center Rack PDU Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.14% During 2016 to 2020
Global Data Center Construction Market 2016-2020 Global Data Center Construction Market to Grow at a CAGR of 12.51% Through 2020
Global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market 2016-2020 Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market to Grow at a CAGR of 14.68% By 2020
Data Center Efficiency Assessment | Scaling Up Energy Efficiency Across the Data Center Industry: Evaluating Key Drivers and Barriers Data Centers to Consume 140 Billion Kilowatt-hours of Electricity Annually by 2020

Summing It All Up

While your news feed may be flooded with clickbait and syndicated content, we hope this collection of information serves you as a valuable summary of the state of the data center market and power distribution.



Cited Sources: 

  1. Data Center Power Market Growing at a CAGR of 14.59% During 2016 to 2020
  2. 2017 Data Center Operator Trends
  3. Trends: Five Data Center Trends For 2017
  4. U.S. Market Study on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System for Data Center: Commercial End Use Segment Expected to Witness Steady Growth from 2017 to 2024
  5. Data Center Power Market by Solution, Service, End-User Type, Vertical, and Region - Global Forecast to 2021


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Growing Demand for PDU Power Cords | Winter 2017 Outlook - Friday, January 13, 2017

It’s January – that means a new year, but also another winter. For Raleigh-based Iron Box Power Distribution, we recently had our first bout of winter weather. Thankfully, it wasn’t another Snowpocalypse!

In a state like North Carolina, we often joke about closing schools and rushing to the store for milk and bread at the first sign of snow. However, the power requirements in your data center won’t be so lucky to get a break due to inclement weather. It must always maintain uptime and strive for lower operational costs – something that a seemingly small component like power cords can help attribute towards.

While winter may mean outdoor temperatures are dropping, inside the data center can still get warm and toasty. Cooling and airflow can be improved by having the right PDU cables and power cords connecting your server rack equipment.

January brings more than a new year and colder temperatures; it also marks the release of industry reports like the Global Data Center Rack PDU Market 2017-2021. These research reports analyze the latest data center trends and are predicting the rack PDU and green data center markets to grow in the coming years. This growth is largely fueled by forces that include:

  • Demand for IoT applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data

PDUWhips.com, a division of Iron Box Power Distribution, offers PDU power cords from popular brands like Z-Lock, as well as manufactures custom molded PDU cables to outfit your data center.

The global data center market is growing, and we are, as well! Check out our low international shipping rates.

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PDU Whips & Power Cable Holiday Sale - 10% Off - Tuesday, December 13, 2016
  PDUWhips.com | Order PDU Whips Online
PDU Whips & Power Cable Holiday Sale - 10% Off
PDUWhips.com | An Iron Box Power Distribution company
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PDUWhips.com Christmas Sale: 10% Off
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This Christmas, Santa will deliver gifts to people all over the world, and Santa’s whip will drive the reindeer to power his sleigh for the journey.

Since reindeer-power isn’t realistic for your data center, PDU whips and power cables are needed to help power your data center and drive business operations. These components are needed to keep your cloud operational, eliminate downtime, and supply connectivity for mission-critical applications. Like Santa Claus, PDUWhips.com delivers PDU cables and power cords worldwide, with great international shipping rates.

Save 10% on your next order by using code HOLIDAY10 at checkout, because reliable power and connectivity is the greatest gift of all!

Shop PDU Whips and Power Cords Online

Have a question or need assistance with your order? Let's talk.
Give us a call at 1-800-590-8610.


PDUWhips.com specializes in custom PDU whips for your data center -- including IEC and NEMA straight blade, pin and sleeve, and locking whips.

We have a large selection of IEC and NEMA power cords and plug adapters to go between your IT equipment and PDU or UPS, custom power cables for outside the server rack, and PDU whips for below the rack in raised data center floors. Whether you need just one power cord or bulk quantities of PDU whips, we can provide what you are looking for with fast turn-around time.

Remember, our PDU whips and power cords are manufactured right here in the U.S. using the highest quality components, and always UL listed.


Sale ends 12/31/2016 at 11:59pm US EST. OFFER VALID ONLY FOR USE ON PDUWHIPS.COM. Coupon code must be entered at checkout for discount to apply. Valid on in-stock power cords, PDU cables, and plug adapters. Excludes custom orders or orders exceeding a subtotal of $500.00.

PDU Whips | Power Cords | Plug Adapters // Custom PDU Whips | Custom Power Cords
© 2017 PDUWhips.com by Iron Box Power Distribution & Connectivity
1341 Express Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603.
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Data Center Cabling: You Don’t Have to Compromise - Friday, November 11, 2016

Every four years, we get the chance to vote for a new leader of the free world. The 2016 election season was one of the most polarizing election cycles in our country’s history. Each candidate made every effort to motivate voters to their corner. Despite these efforts, many Americans felt that neither candidate adequately fit what they needed and, on November 8th, 2016, voters were left having to choose one.

Choice – it’s something we all have. The challenge is that sometimes the options that we have to choose from are insufficient in matching exact requirements, making it difficult to decide on which is the right choice.

And it doesn’t only happen in politics.

Data Center Cabling Challenges

Much like the election, where many voters did not feel that either presidential candidate was the absolute right choice, the data center faces cabling challenges when choosing power whips and data center power cords that don’t fit the specifications or power requirements.

At PDUWhips, we hear you and we’re listening! We agree with you that your data center power cords need to meet the exact requirements you demand. That’s why we offer custom data center power cords and custom PDU power whips.

PDU Cable Configurator Tool

The Custom PDU Power Whip Configurator Tool allows you to build custom PDU cables to your exact specifications – no having to worry about choosing between cables that don’t exactly fit.

Build Your Custom Cables

  • To start customizing your power whip, just select your desired receptacle.
  • Our on-site guide will open to all the options you can imagine like length, conduit color, breaker option, box/tail connectors, tail fitting, and tail/whip length.
  • Once you’ve configured your PDU whip to your specs, just add it to your cart.
  • In your cart, you will be able to update the quantity you will need, and submit your order.

See, that’s not difficult!

Worldwide 2016 Election :: Worldwide Power Cabling

Also like the 2016 presidential election, which has gained worldwide attention, PDUWhips.com also offers great rates on international shipping worldwide.

Data Center Cabling for the Next President

Do you wish you could configure a presidential candidate that easily? Perhaps one day, we’ll be able to, and PDUWhips.com will be there to provide custom cabling solutions for the data center that houses the AI software that will genetically engineer the next President of the United States. Maybe that’s taking configuration too far... Or is it?

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It’s Fall: Is it Time to Give Your Power Cords Color? - Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It’s officially autumn. The leaves are turning to a variety of colors and beginning to fall – a sight that people from all across the country travel to see. But you don’t have to travel far to find multiple colors of power cords and PDU cables!

PDUWhips.com is a leader in stock and custom power cords, locking cords, and PDU whips. We stock a broad selection of colored power cords and offer great shipping options, including same-day shipping and exceptional international rates.

Colored Cables Are More Than Just Aesthetic

While the leaves are falling and making a mess, colored power cords in your data center do just the opposite. Organizing your cables by color is one of the easiest ways to tidy up and keep your data center clean and clutter-free. A cleaner data center runs more efficiently for many reasons, like more space for better cooling. Using color cables is also a great way to quickly identify the different power feeds, speeding troubleshooting time.

There are a multitude of ways to use colored power cords to organize and improve your data center, from power source, sever set, and more. With 12 different color options, the opportunities are endless. Just think: How could your data center use colored cords to make your job easier?

Custom Color Power Cords

Like the beauty of the fall leaves here in the PDUWhips.com headquarter state of North Carolina, our custom color cords are 100% Made in America. Custom orders are hand-terminated and molded into the specs you require. As with all custom orders, color power cords include options for mounting, labeling, and tail lengths.

Ready to Find the Colored Cords You Need?

Stay organized and make your data center a sight for sore eyes. Shop color power cords today!

Not sure what you need? Need a custom order? Contact one of our power solutions experts via email, Sales@PDUWhips.com, or by phone at 1-800-590-8610.

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The 2016 Olympics & PDUWhips.com - Monday, August 15, 2016

The Olympic Games are known for providing the best possible environment for athletes to perform at their peak.

PDUWhips.com and the Iron Box Power Distribution family provide data centers the same ability to reach their peak performance with quality products, custom manufacturing, and unbeatable turn-around.

Unlike the competition in Rio, in the world of international power cords, there isn't any competition -- Iron Box takes the gold for…

  • Global shipping rates
  • Turn-around time
  • High performance
  • Quality products
  • No competition

Avoid stumbling out of the starting block by eliminating excess cabling, mitigating risk of downtime with locking cables and by reducing high operating costs.

The Olympics’ storage solutions that house athlete times and scores for multiple sports, images and HD video, and other data from decades of Olympic games would suffer a great catastrophe in the face of downtime. What helps power these massive storage servers?

Low International Shipping RatesThe PDU cables that transfer power from the PDU to your rack. PDUWhips.com offers the cabling needed for dependable communications and uptime. PDUWhips.com will even help you stick your landing this summer with our custom manufactured hybrid power cables.

Athletes surpass expectations with their record-breaking performances, and our new international shipping rates will do the same. Request a quote today and see how our global shipping rates will surpass your expectations!


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